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Installation RSA L&G 7.0.1 - Web and DB time different

Question asked by Armel Lupapi on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Amit Khatua

I am installing RSA L&G 7.0.1 and I'm having an error at the end, which prompts the installation script to remove the Aveksa_System.cfg file right after.


Installation type:

Remote DB installation, already upgraded to Oracle v12

Installation check is successful (after updating the host file and the oracle user and oinstall group ID).

While trying to start the application, the startup fail and the installation script delete the Aveksa_System.cfg


Under the aveksa_server file, I tried to update the time buffer interval, but this is irrelevant because the that file get overwritten every time you run the script.


From the installation script, below is the error I'm having