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So as a part of certifications, in reviews We want to change the due date(calendar from 24*7 to standard work week) for specific review

Question asked by Nikhila Kasireddy on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Diane Mccoy

Hello Everyone,


So as a part of certifications, in reviews we want to change the due date(calendar) from 24*7 to standard work week.

As now it is 24*7 but we want Standard work week and unable to do that ( not duration of reviews) and this is for approval (supervisor or manager). we have the above two calendars in our system and  even checked for the workflow to change but I am confused that which workflow to change as we have many and not possible to change for the particular review. I even checked the rules. I am unable to find it.


Please help with this, how to change the calendar for specific review and will there be any workflow for reviews (approval).


Thank you.