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The following meta keys have no values

Question asked by Roman Zeltser on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Arthur Costigan

Maybe a dumb question but what does it mean when I get the following message in Investigation > Navigate and, basically, empty page above the message? Is it a normal response when I have no data or something is misconfigured?


The following meta keys have no values
service, orig_ip, ip.src, ip.dst, tcp.dstport, ip.dstport,, country.src, country.dst, org.src, subject, org.dst, email.src, email.dst, email, domain.dst, client, content, server, attachment, action, filetype, extension, filename, username, user.dst, user.src, error, crypto, ssl.subject,,, risk.suspicious, risk.warning, threat.category, threat.desc, threat.source, alert, did, sourcefile