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Change request has entitltments sitting at pending when should be completed

Question asked by Danny Bissett on May 1, 2017
Since upgrading to 7.0.2 where a fresh installation was carried out and the database reimported and we witnessed an issue where two requests were waiting on verification for an entitlement to be removed. Even though the entitlement was revoked in the target system and that the raw data from the collectors show that the entitlement had been revoked the request remains at pending. I spend some time investigating the issue and I thought that the issue may be related to the database import and so through any subsequent requests should not have any issues.

To ensure that this was the case I tested using the same entitlement by adding it to a role and experienced the same issue. I tested again with a different entitlement and all worked as expected. I believe there is an issue with this entitlement within the database that needs to be resolved.


I have now amended the same role and added another entitlement and again I'm seeing this issue.
We performed the same upgrade process to 7.02 within out test environment and did not experience this issue so I believe the issue may be with the database.
Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated