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Working on Web Service Response in AFX Connector

Question asked by Amit Khatua on May 3, 2017



We have a SOAP based connector. The WS is responding back with the status message. This status code can be 0 (success) or 1 (fail) sent by the web service. For example the value for any field RSA is sending is not acceptable by the service (to be more specific, if middlename is null, the account will not be created) and as a result, WS is responding back with status code 1 and a status message. But RSA will complete the workflow as the WS call was success. Below are few screen shot - 


Connector Configuration (Response) -

Connector Capabilities Test - 


Payload output - 



Full XML Response from WS - 

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
<createAccountResponse xmlns="http://com/ey/poc/SOAP-POC/">
<out xmlns="">
<statusMessage>Middle Name is null. User is not created</statusMessage>
<generatedUniqueId>unique id not generated</generatedUniqueId>


Now as the activity didn't completed properly and web service has reported back the error message, ideally the task should get assigned to manual team. In this case its not happening. Any clue how to detect this and take respective action on this request/activity.


Please note below artifact - 

1. We are using Default AFX Fulfilment workflow

2. Version - 7.0.2

3. No use of Provisioning command (want to use default AFX Fulfillment Handler Node only) 


Thanks !!!