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Joiner - Entitlements Require Account

Question asked by Clive Morrish Employee on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Boris Lekumovich



Hoping for some advice on a issue being faced while configuring a Joiners process.


As part of the customers joiners process, as default a new joiner should receive an AD account, Oracle Account and then a number of 'Business Applications'. Using AFX, for AD and Oracle accounts are created as part of the process (by setting 'Entitlements Require Account) however the Business Applications use the Oracle Account. Essentially, if you have an Oracle account then you can be granted authorizations within any of the Business Applications.


The issue I'm facing from a joiner perspective is how to assign default Business Application access to new users as without an account within that application the AFX request will fail but we also don’t want to be creating accounts within these applications.


How can I assign the Business Application access based on the user having an account within the Oracle application?


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