Melanie Sommer

Get More Value from Your RSA SecurID Investment!

Discussion created by Melanie Sommer Employee on May 9, 2017

Introducing Authentication Your Way


Your diverse, dynamic user base demands fast, convenient access—no matter where they are or what devices they’re using. And you need authentication to be secure.


Yes, you’ve been delivering strong authentication with RSA SecurID, but are your users getting what they need? Are you meeting the business demands to move to the cloud quickly? Do you want authentication that works across all of your applications, cloud to ground? If so, it’s time to take a fresh look at RSA SecurID® Access.


Taking full advantage of the benefits available today from RSA SecurID Access can help you extend your existing investment and get authentication your way. 


With RSA SecurID Access you can:

  1. Choose from the broadest range of authentication options. You know us for our tokens, but did you know we offer advanced mobile authenticators, like push notification, biometrics, one-time password (OTP) and SMS?
  2. Easily migrate to advanced mobile MFA. With RSA SecurID Access, you can easily transition your users to mobile authenticators from tokens. They can use a single authenticator to access both cloud-based and on-premises applications from all major mobile platforms. Yes, that means you can use push notification on a mobile device for secure access to the VPN.
  3. Leverage your existing SSO platform: With API support for third-party SSO providers, RSA SecurID Access can work with your existing SSO platform. No need to rip and replace.
  4. Deploy RSA SecurID Access as a service: You can deploy RSA SecurID Access on premises or you can take advantage of our authentication-as-a-service offering and reap the financial and operational benefits that come from going with a SaaS model.RSA SecurID Access offers a range of advanced mobile authentication options so users can seamlessly and securely log into both cloud-based and on-premises systems—anytime, anywhere, from any device. Learn more about our SaaS options for Enterprise and Premium packages.


Give your users wings with RSA SecurID Access! Take a fresh look at RSA SecurID Access and see what more you could be doing to deliver convenient and secure access to your dynamic, growing user population.