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Authentication Manager 8.2 openssl v.0.9.8j can't enable TLS 1_2

Question asked by Bob Baxter on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Jay Guillette

We have virtual applicances (primary and secondary) of Authentication Manager that are on 8.2 p5.  We want to disable certain cipher suites and enable strict TLS 1_2, however when I checked on the openssl version of both machines, it was 0.9.8j.  I looked through these forums and documentation, and it seems like it should have upgraded already to 1.0.x, but that hasn't happened.  


I did see that 8.1 had a TPP 2.0 that updated openssl, but I'm worried that at this point a lot of those patches are back leveled, and I'm not sure if I should put that on.  


I also noticed that it still seems like RC4 comes up in scans as "supported", but I did see articles about how to change the cipher suites to disable the ones we don't want / need. 


Is there a way to update openssl, turn on strict TLS 1_2 (I have found articles for this) or should I try to install SP1, even if it backlevels 8.2 to patch 3?  (Read this in the notes and a forum)


Thanks for your help!