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Connecting AM 8.2 SP1 to the cloud authentication service

Question asked by JOHN MILLER on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by Erica Chalfin


I am trying to connect my AM8.2 sp1 deployment to the Access portal/IDR. On page 17 of the "Integrating the cloud authentication service and RSA authentication manager" it asks you to upload the IDR root certificate. I do not have a copy of this. Is there a way to obtain this from the web portal or the IDR? 


Below is a snippet of the instructions:


"5. In the Access ID and Access Key fields, enter the information that the Cloud Authentication Service administrator provided for the identity router API.


6. In the Identity Router Root Certificate field, click Browse and select the certificate that Authentication Manager requires to trust the Cloud Authentication Service deployment. Only .cer certificates in DER or PEM format are supported.


7. Click Test Connection. If the connection test fails, you can edit the fields, select a new certificate, clear the Authenticate App checkbox to make the Identity Router Connection Settings fields unavailable, or click Cancel to exit the page without saving any changes."


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