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Hide or show the request form attributes based on who logs in

Question asked by Gabriele Rusconi on May 23, 2017

RSA IGL 7.0.1 P02

The Request Form that we use to create the Change Request, has many attributes and 2 of them are of type Attachment (or Attachment on Request, no matter).


The related Fulfillment Workflow has 5 manual activities in charge of 5 different fulfillers.


We would like to hide, everywhere in the Change Request (detail, variables section, attachment tab, etc ...), some attributes to one fulfiller but make visible a subset of them to the others. Is it possible and how?


We were thinking of hiding all these attributes to all users but, still, we don't know if it is possible and how?
If so, we could create a specific Workflow Form for each fulfiller, that contains only the attributes that he has allowed to see but in this case, can we include also the download link of Attachment attribute/s if necessary?