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Supported versions of non-RSA components in AxM environment

Question asked by Neil Sims on May 25, 2017

I am working with a customer that is upgrading their AxM environment to 6.2SP4.  We have a question on the support of the non-RSA components in an AxM deployment.

The installation guide says that Apache Tomcat 8.0 is supported for the deployment of the Admin GUI and Web Services.  Does it matter which release of 8.0?  The latest is 8.0.44 with 8.0.43 just a few weeks ago.

Similarly, the AxM Agent 5.0SP4 release notes for Apache on Windows 2012 is supported on 2.2.31.  Is it also supported on 2.2.32 which was released at the start of the year?