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"Business Friendly" Automated Orphan Management

Question asked by William May on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by Abhishek Choudhury

I have a request from my business users to be notified more frequently when orphans are identified in their application, ideally upon identification. These are the options that I am aware of, but hoping someone has found a better solution:

  1. (Our current manual process) Biweekly, send an email to all business owners informing them that they have 1 or more orphan accounts that have not been remediated.
    Cons: Business states this is not frequent enough.
  2. Increase the frequency of option 1.
    Cons: More manual process. If we increase the frequency too much we risk over-notifying, duplicate notifying because we haven't given them enough time to remediate, or promoting the bad behavior of users creating outlook rules to send to junk.
  3. Create an Admin Error rule to notify the business user when the collector is unable to find a user mapping.
    Cons: Configuration is to a named individual, versus a role such as business owner. Must be setup for each business source. The message is a system generated error : "EC[360] Context[RunID=123456, ADC(Name=MyADC, ID=1)] Message[Account Data Validation: User Account Mapping data is invalid. Specified users couldn't be resolved.]", Cannot limit the scope of messages to only send Orphan related messages.
  4. Instruct business owners to log in more frequently to check for orphans.
    Cons: Business doesn't want to log in unless there is some action to be taken.


While some of these solutions sounds like they would work just fine, I still haven't found a process that satisfies the masses, and have a bit of a goldilocks paradox on my hands. Hence, reaching out to see of anyone has found a solution that's "just right".





v6.9.1 P17 in transition to 7.0.1 P02