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Cannot Add Entitlement Manually Using ‘Complete Manual Activity Before Collection:’

Question asked by Kevin Bach on May 25, 2017



We have P03 installed in our dev environment.  I'm attempting to test the following...


"After enabling the Complete Manual Activity Before Collection feature,

duplicate user entitlements appeared when the collector collected the added



Specifically, that duplicate user entitlements do not appear after data collection.


As the first order of business, I attempted to add an entitlement manually as follows.  I made sure ‘Complete Manual Activity Before Collection:’ was set to “yes” in the system settings.  And I set ‘Complete Manual Activity Before Collection:’ to “yes” in the application called “TEST - FAKE APPLICATION”.  I then went to ‘Requests’→’Create Request’…And created a request to add the entitlement “FAKE” for the application “TEST - FAKE APPLICATION” to Kevin Bach (me).  I completed the request...And although the request is complete, my “FAKE” entitlement doesn’t show up in the “TEST - FAKE APPLICATION”.  I think it may have to do with associating the correct Approval and Fulfillment workflows with the “TEST - FAKE APPLICATION”.  I did look through the “help files” and the release notes to try and figure it out, but was unsuccessful.  Thoughts as to why I'm not able to add this entitlement manually?



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Kevin Bach