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Create New Account via Request Form

Question asked by Venkata Palakaveeti on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2017 by Venkata Palakaveeti

Hi Everyone,


We have a requirement to allow a user to enter the desired account name and the roles and will provision the roles to the account name provided by the user (Note: We can handle the validations of account name and uniqueness by java script).

We are not able to achieve this as account in RSA VIA is tightly coupled with the Pending Account Parameter and the user. 

Would need help in achieving the new account creation with a custom name provided by the requester.

Below are the options we tried:

1. Calling Create Account WebService to create an account and add roles in the request form using a java script. But this will create a dummy change request in the form.

2. Create Account Type of Form - This only creates the accounts but will not associate roles to the user account.


Can any one suggest on how to proceed with this?