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Create Account Button in Application

Question asked by Venkata Palakaveeti on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by Venkata Palakaveeti

Hi All,


Is it possible to access the below attached form (button) outside of the application?


When creating an account using this button  we were able to create the account and the same account is available in the users accounts table as soon as it is provisioned.


On click of this button, the create account form that has been associated with the account template is getting triggered. And everything works fine i.e.., as mentioned above account is provisioned at the target system and is available in RSA tables.



1. If we access the same form from Requests --> Configuration --> Request Forms, the CR is not able to capture the create account capability.

To enable that capability we used Provisioning Command in the form. This is triggering the create account capability and provisioning the account to the target system. But the account is not available in RSA tables until we collect it back.


2. As part of self-service the requirement is to allow user to request for account and access. So we would need to make the capability of account creation to be available to all users to request for account creation. So that upon creation of the account which will be immediately available after provisioning and the user can request for access. For this to happen the "Create Account" feature in the Application -> Account tab should be available outside and should be accessible to all users/privileged users.