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Moving Off Appliance DB Question

Question asked by Philip Martinez on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Sandeep Sharma

We plan on moving off of hardware appliances and to our own customer provided database and Linux environment. Non-production environments will be created from scratch, but for Prod we want to take our existing database, export it, and then import it on to the non-appliance environment. 

Looking at the Database Management Guide I see the following:


In the case where you intend to import a dump from one machine to another (which must be running the same RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle version from which the dump was created), you may be required to perform additional configuration on the target machine.


Further in the guide I see:


After you import the database on your system, determine whether the database dump is compatible for your database. Determine whether these system settings from the imported dump are set as follows:


isAppliance = No
isRemoteDB = Yes
isSoftAppliance = Yes


To determine these values, run the following SQL as avuser:
select * from T_SYSTEM_SETTINGS where PARAMETER like 'is%';

My question is do we need to update anything else besides this table when importing the database? Are there any appliance related settings stored in another table? Ideally, we'd like to retain all of our change request and review history when we move off of the hardware appliance.

Thanks in advance!