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Form Level Validation Not working while linking Form to Button

Question asked by subhrajit das on Jun 12, 2017
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We are at G&L 7.0.1 HF02. 


We are using custom jsp to validate basic field level validation. Below is the screenshot how we are calling the jsp and validating it. We are just making sure it contains chars and maximum upto 30 chars. 



Below how we developed jsp. 


String Name = request.getParameter("value").trim();
if((Name.matches("([A-Za-z]{0,30}\b*)") || Name==null))
out.println("Invalid Entry. Expected characters only of max length 30 with no Special Character!!");


It works fine without having any issue when I directly go to Request Config->Form Name->Run . But it does not work when I link the form to a button and execute it via button.  


Any suggestion what could be the issue?