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How does rules pre-processing work??

Question asked by William May on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by William May

Okay guys, this is driving me crazy, and I can't find anything to help me understand the variability of how long Rules Preprocessing is taking in my system.


Sometimes it takes 5 seconds, sometimes it takes 40 minutes.


Often times the 40 minute runs are after a collector has run that has NO bearing on ANY of my rules.


Often times the 5 second runs are after a collector that has dozens and dozens of entitlements in my rules.


Can anyone point me towards some helpful info so I can at lease feel sane about a 40 minute run time?


A while back I saw someone had published a detailed article about what RPP is actually doing, but I can't find it.


Thanks much in advance,


v7.0.1 P02 HF08