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Can we configure windows event source for a domain user over http without using kerberos authentication ?

Question asked by shubhrangshu C on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by Sravan Koneti

We have a windows 2012R2 DC edition server which we are trying to integrate with our RSA SA 10.6.1.The user is a domain user.How can we configure the same on our VLC for the event source.Please help us clarify the following points :-


1. What is the Authorization method needs to be set as Basic or Authenticate ?

2. Event source address should be the IP address or FQDN(full computer name) of the event source ?

3. Any additional changes needs to be made on the CLI of VLC for integration ?

4. What ports needs to be opened on the firewall to complete this integration apart from 5985/TCP ?

5. What would be the task which needs to be performed by the AD/Domain Controller team ?

6. Any documentation with reference to the above points will be highly appreciated ?

7. We have already referred the documents of MicrosoftWindowsEventing,WinRM Configuration Guide & WinRM Troubleshooting Guide without much success.