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RSA Form Customization

Question asked by shakti nayak on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by Marek Lotocki

We have a Form where users select an application. Based on the application the user chooses,he gets an Entitlement table to select the app-roles and resource-action entitlements.


There is a requirement where if an user chooses a specific app-role(Lets Say X), he should only be able to select one entitlement(resource-action) and for other app-roles he can select multiple entitlements(resource-action).

I have created 3 form fields ex- A,B and C, A for app-role and other 2 B, C for resource-action entitlements.


I am using the display and enabled option in the form field B&C to set the condition i.e. A= Role X and A != Role X to achieve above. But the form is not working.

Has anbody got an idea on how to complete such requirement.