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How to pass a custom variable to AFX

Question asked by Danny Bissett on Jun 21, 2017
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I have configured an select SQL node within a workflow to calculate a custom variable which works as this can be seen within the resulting request but the custom variable is not being passed to AFX.


The screenshot below shows both the SQL select node named "Calculate OU" which has a basic statement:


    WHEN ${access_request_cri_meu_department} = 'Information Systems'  THEN 'Infosys'
    WHEN ${access_request_cri_meu_department} = 'Clients Department'  THEN 'Clients'
Else ${access_request_cri_meu_department}


The highlighted Activity node has all the fields available to send to AFX but I cannot work out the format the specify the custom variable. If I just add something like "Test" rather than what's currently there "Test" will be passed to AFX but I need to pass the custom field. If the field is left blank I just get "Null payload" as the output in by AFX.

I have configured my AFX connector as below:





Can anyone provide some advise of what I'm doing wrong?