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IGL 7.0.2 - How to ensure fulfilment/verification for both collected/local applications

Question asked by Andy Cheek on Jun 22, 2017

Upgrading from IGM 6.9.1 to IGL 7.0.2 and having issues with our application fulfilment workflows.


Previously (under IMG 6.9.1) we were using a custom fulfilment handler (as originally supplied years ago by then Aveksa PS) to create provisioning tickets for access requests. There were certain options for this handler that differed when executed for collected and local applications, namely Verification and Change Item Succeeds Always.


For collected applications these were set as follow:

Verification - TRUE

Change Item Succeeds Always - FALSE


And for local applications they were reversed, i.e. :

Verification - FALSE

Change Item Succeeds Always - TRUE


Our understanding of the impact of these options is/was ... 

  • Changes for collected applications would have state updated to PendingVerification and the WF then transitioned to a Wait for Verification node with the corresponding watch - this was only completed when the change was detected in a subsequent account/entitlement collection.
  • Changes for local applications would have state updated to Complete, there was no Wait for Verification node and the entitlement was then assigned to the user without waiting for any collection process.


We are moving away from this custom handler BUT (before anyone else suggests it) we cannot use AFX to create tickets as we also have other ticket contexts that are NOT linked to applications and we only want one approach).


Question is - how do we ensure the same updates to change requests, change request details AND entitlements under IGL 7.0.2 ? Can we create a dummy fulfilment handler? If so how and how to configure it? The Wait for Verification node itself doesn't update the change request details. What does a Mark as Verified node do (haven't used one before)? etc.


All/any help/suggestions most welcome