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Help Us Help You: Configure Your iDRAC for Remote Access

Discussion created by Jonathan Saxon Employee on Jun 29, 2017

Help Us Help You: Configure Your iDRAC for Remote Access


Your RSA Security Analytics appliance is powered off. You need to rebuild your appliance from an ISO image. You need to check ROM BIOS settings or the RAID Card configuration.  You need to verify the POST process and press a key to continue booting.   Kernel Panic.  XFS errors.  The just appliance won't boot.  And your data center is 100 miles away.  And there are no "remote hands."  


If your iDRAC is configured you have a tool that can help you in each of these circumstances and you won't have to leave  your desk.


Make sure your iDRAC is the first thing you set up after you "rack and stack" your RSA Security Analytics appliances.  


You can also use your iDRAC to forward alarms to SMS, email and other alerting systems.  Make sure those urgent alerts get through.


And remember to change the RSA default password.


Use this document to configure your iDRAC on the RSA Security Analytics Series 4S appliances: 

000026882 - How to configure iDRAC 7 on Dell R620 RSA NetWitness Platform appliance