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Help Us Help You: Where is My RMA?

Discussion created by Jonathan Saxon Employee on Jun 30, 2017

Help Us Help You: Where is My RMA?


You have requested an RMA and your RSA Technical Support Engineer has confirmed the order has been placed.  So where is your RMA?


RMAs ship between 16:00 to 16:30 EDT each weekday (Federal holidays excepted).  At this time, the shipping label is generated and a tracking number is assigned.  This tracking number is then posted in the RMA database.  


In the continental USA, packages normally arrive at their destination by 10:30 local time on the day following the order.  Packages abroad may take more time due to logistical concerns and customs and duty matters as packages cross international borders.


If morning comes, and you haven't received your package, please contact the RSA Technical Support Engineer assigned to your case and ask for an update and tracking number.  However, much of the time, your package will arrive at its intended destination before your hardworking RSA Technical Support Engineer will have time to retrieve it from the database.