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Unable to Set New Pin on RSA 8.1SP1/8.2

Question asked by satish chavan on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by Edward Davis



We are trying to SET TOKEN PIN for a user using the RSA Authentication Manager Security Console. The steps we followed are:

1. Assign TOKEN for a user.

2. Login to Securtiy Console using the Passcode only.

3. It prompts the user to set the New Pin and Next Token Passcode.

4. By entering these values, the New Pin gets set for the user.

These steps work fine with the RSA 8.1 version.


However, the same is not working RSA 8.1SP1 and RSA 8.2 versions.

When we try to login with the Passcode to set the New Pin, an error is displayed,


Can someone please advice if any setting needs to be done on the RSA 8.1SP1 and RSA 8.2 versions to get rid of this error.