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RSA AM Software token extension

Question asked by SG Tech on Jul 13, 2017
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Any one can help me share info or documentation how can we use software token Extension.

RSA AM version is 8.1 PX , user will do upgrade to latest version 8.2 SP1 P1

please help clarify below questions:

1)After upgrade to 8.2 SP2 P1 user must redistribute token to get extension link , am I right?

2) after token got extension link user can use other tokens extension period to the current token, so user end no need to re import token in to their phones.

3) is user need to buy new tokens?

For example user have 10 tokens in their AM server which is upgraded from 8.1 Px to 8.2 SP1 P1.

all 10 tokens expiring soon, not other tokens available to replace them.

can any one explain from here how user will get token extension after they redistribute.


as per my understanding,

They still need to buy new tokens and import it in to RSA AM server and then when extending tokens we can sue new token serial number to extend the expiry date of existing token then new token will be deleted from RSA AM server, kindly coreect me if I am wrong.