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Resolving CRI from Job ID

Question asked by Sean Pintaric Employee on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by Mostafa Helmy

Is it possible to resolve the Change Request Item ID (CRI) from the Job ID (${Job.jobID}) within a Fulfillment WF?  I'm not sure I can utilize ${ChangeReqestItem.ItemId} within a WF since it's not a provided dynamic attribute.


I have a FF WF that contains a Manual Activity.  Within the Activity Email I have to list the following values:


  • Entitlement Name (indirect)
  • Entitlement Long Description
  • Business Role Name (parent ent)
  • Business Role Long Description


With the exception of the Entitlement Name, the rest of these attributes aren't readily available from the FF WF...or not that I'm aware of.


The Group Type for this FF WF is set to "Create Individual  job for each change", so the assumption was that each job would only have one entitlement workitem associated.  These jobs basically contain only one ent/approle grant or add at a time.