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IGL 7.0.2 - How to create/use WF array variable containing change items PLUS cr/lf

Question asked by Andy Cheek on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by Andy Cheek

Trying to retrieve the changes for any application within an access change request in a suitable format so that it can be included in the XML payload for a Create Ticket webservice call.


We cannot use the OOTB ${access_request_details} variable as ...

  1. It includes HTML list tags
  2. It includes the entitlement alternate name (and we want the raw name)
  3. It just includes the user name, where we want to include userid and (where removing access) the related accountid.

Basically it doesn't work for us.


Ideally it would be possible to create an array variable as that would presumably be less subject to length constraints. If I try to concatenate all the changes together into a single string using something like the Oracle listagg function that has a maximum length of 4000 characters and it is not too hard to create a change request with sufficient changes to breach that limit.


It looks, though, as if the way that WF variables and in particular array variables are held in IGL has changed from IMG v6 (i.e. losing all that old XML) but how could we use these to include the line breaks (and ideally NOT display the comma separator)?


Sean Miller Edwin Mullie Frank Schubert Boris Lekumovich


Apologies for tagging you guys but this is really driving me crazy and I refuse to believe it is not solvable.