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Is there a readme for 8.2 SP1

Question asked by Mark Dumond on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by Dustin Seagren

We're running AM 8.2 P4 on our 3 appliances and looking to upgrade to 8.2 SP1 first then to SP1 patch3.

I have the files loaded and ready to go. Unfortunately I cannot locate the standard "Readme" for 8.2 SP1.

I see several other docs for planning and configuration that seem to reference the new features SP1 introduces which at this time I'm not interested in taking advantage of yet. My primary goal is to upgrade using SP1 then P3 to cover any outstanding vulnerabilities.


Is there a "Readme" for SP1, and if not,  can I safely update to SP1 from 8.2 p4 without concern of needing to enable any new features?