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Increasing retention using packet.compression?

Question asked by David Waugh on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Sean Griesheimer

I would like to explore if it is possible to increase our retention on our packet decoders.


Under the explore view on the packet decoder there is a setting:
"packet compression" which by default is set to none, but can be set to gzip.


The packet compression level is currently set to zero which is the best mix between compression and speed.


I looked at one of the packet decoder packet database files with the command:

strings packet-000423232.nwpdb


And I can see that there is a lot of clear text data written in text which suggests that compression might not be being used.


Is there a document or any information on how to increase packet retention by tuning these settings?
I found the core database tuning guide, but is it just a case of try it and see?