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Custom Feed - Domains not indexed in Investigation

Question asked by Evan Ramos on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Evan Ramos

Howdy all.


Just recently created two custom feeds. One is IPs , the other attempt is unique domain names going into custom meta. The domain names are not being indexed, and no errors are seen on my log decoder.  For the most part, i followed this: Decoder: Create Custom Meta Keys Using Custom Feed  , everything is lowercase being imported.


Any ideas what might be wrong? Or setup incorrectly?


My feed setup is as follows -

Type: Non-IP

Index Column: 1

Service Type: 0

Truncate Domain: Enabled

Callback Key(s): domain.dst (i've tried, domain too).



<FlatFileFeed comment="#" separator="," path="otxdomainiocs.csv" name="otxdomainiocs">
<MetaCallback truncdomain="true" apptype="0" valuetype="Text" name="domain.dst"/>
<LanguageKeys><LanguageKey valuetype="Text" name="otxc2.domainioc"/>
</LanguageKeys><Fields><Field type="index" index="1"/>
<Field key="otxc2.domainioc" type="value" index="2"/>


Example data being imported and wanting to index.,otx_c2domainioc,otx_c2domainioc,otx_c2domainioc,otx_c2domainioc,otx_c2domainioc