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App & Network Rules Permissions - RBAC

Question asked by Jay Watson on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Jay Watson

I have a requirement that needs to allow a group of cyber content developers access to NW in a lab environment with permissions to create App and Network rules (Administration > Services > View > Concentrator > Config) but not allot them full Administrator permissions. It would seem to me that RBAC is either not granular enough to allow this or I'm totally missing something. 


I've tried - 'Administration > Services > Decoder > Security and added a user and it effectively does nothing within the GUI. I have also added that same user via the standard 'Administration > Security > Users.


So to clarify, I want to take a 'Analyst role' and allow them administer content such as App rules, Network rules, Correlation rules, but that it, not additional admin level options. 


I bet this simple, just not overly clear in executing.