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Monitoring Services/Hardware from NW environment using SNMP  Host

Question asked by Jefferson Rodrigues Oliveira on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Jefferson Rodrigues Oliveira
Hello community,
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I need to enable the SNMP monitoring in my Netwitness environment for monitoring specific services. The RSA Support sent to me two MIBs files: NETWITNESS-IPMI-MIB.txt and NETWITNESS.txt. With these two MIBs, is possible create a politic for monitoring about hardware and service from Netwitness environment? I need to monitoring services up or down, puppet, zero traffic capture, packet dropped, CPU/Memory/Disk/Network and Everything that it's in Health & Wellness.

The configuration is ready on the Netwitness Server and just working now, but the SNMP server is receiving some traps from Netwitness Server and he could not understand and interpret that. We Need to know what will be mapped by this MIB, as far as I know there are some events that is not covered in this MIB for example (Decoder packet dropping/stopping), so that we can map the events and create alerts so.

Thanks a lot! =]

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