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No consumers available for rabbitmq shovels after the server reboot

Question asked by Gayathri Pulla on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Gayathri Pulla

After the server reboot due to any networks issues, we are facing a common issue as in no consumers found for rabbitmq shovels.

What can be done for this to resolve?

It is visible as below:

rabbitmqctl list_queues -p logcollection consumers name messages
Listing queues ...
0 rabbitmq.log 507
0 shovel.checkpoint.Log_Collector1 0
0 shovel.file.Log_Collector1 0
0 shovel.odbc.Log_Collector1 0
0 shovel.syslog.Log_Collector1 0
0 shovel.vmware.Log_Collector1 0
0 0