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Perimeter for Business Role

Question asked by michael briand on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by Boris Lekumovich

Hi dear RSA community,


I’m currently working in PoC for a customer and i need assistance in order to determine « perimeter » for a role creation. Perimeter will be the business unit.

Version of the RSA IGL solution : P01HF01


I explain :


Step 1 : A functional administrator of the solution want to create first a business role for users who belong to business unit 1. This role must be only available (in terms of visibility and request) for the users of business unit 1. Users are the people who request this role, and people who validate this role.


Step 2 : After one week, in order to validate the role’s usability, functional administrator want to extend the role perimeter to everyone in the company. That’s means every users can request this role and every functional administrator can validate the role in every business unit.


How can I take in count this perimeter in the RSA IGL solution (and interface) ? I’m looking in the security-context but it seems to be to much complicated to apply in role object. Is there a mean through the locality or Business Use of Role set attributes ?


Thanks for your help