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Provisioning command sequence in access request form

Question asked by William Cheang Employee on Sep 14, 2017

My Env:-

IMG 7.0 P05

Application AFX Binding -> Output CSV file. The purpose is to output the provisioning command into CSV file and this CSV will be process by target application.


I have a global access request form, inside the access request form contain 2 provisioning command.
First provisioning command is trigger to cmd "Create Account"
Second provisioning command is trigger to cmd "Add Approle to Account"

After form submission, the generated output CSV file show:-

"AddAppRole with NewAccount"
"CreateAccount with NewAcccoutname"


Where the generated command is in wrong sequence. Logically, we process "Create Account" then follow by "Add Approle to Account.


By right should be

"CreateAccount with NewAccountName"
"AddAppRole with NewAccountName"


Can we control this provisioning command sequence ?

Any idea or workaround ?