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IGL ent "Delegate Web Service Requestor"

Question asked by William May on Sep 25, 2017

It appears that whenever a Request Delegate is selected on a user's profile (Users --> User --> General --> Edit Attributes -- Request Delegates), the system automatically assigns an Aveksa ent. called "Delegate Web Service Requestor". Is this some entitlement that is required for delegation or is this a bug? If it's the former, it is showing up in my access reviews as a direct user entitlement, with the option to retain or revoke, which is not right since the directly entitled privilege should appear as something like "Request Delegate for USER X". I assume (though have not tried) that if I revoke this entitlement, the fulfillment will balk and no entitlement will be removed. Much like if you revoke the Business Owner privilege but don't actually go to the Business Source and elect a new business owner.




7.0.1 P02_HF08