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Missing Drivers after migration

Question asked by Kristian Nordman on Oct 13, 2017
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Scenario and background:

We are currently upgrading from IG&L6.9 to IG&L 7.0.2 and managed to work out any problem that ocurred with the resources available in the Community and documentation. The current problem is regarding migration of AFX-Connectors. We have several connectors, mostly LDAP and one SQLServer, but only one fails to work properly; the SQLServer.


As usual, after migrating a Connector the password must be reentered. With the SQLServer-based connector the drivers are missing aswell from the selection. With the driver missing in the edit field I cannot change the password.


Process used for migrating the Connectors:

1. Export connectors from old environment and import to new.

2. Download the new connectors from RSA.

3. Import the zip to AFX. This will overwrite all connector templates with new versions.


Logs are not showing anything useful to me, but attaching for your reading pleasure. Time for opening the edit-page: 13:30:49, logtime.


Any help is appreciated.