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How to Repair MySQL InnoDB Table That Has Issues?

Question asked by Sirisha Satya on Oct 14, 2017

Our company is using SailPoint IIQ for its IAM solution.

When trying to run: delete IdentityRequest *

I get an error of null index column for collection: sailpoint.object.IdentityRequest.items

Doing a select * from spt_identity_request_item where id is null; returns no results.

I'm reaching for straws and have attempted to repair the table, in case that is what is causing the issue. The table types they use sailpoint for their db is innodb.

repair table spt_identity_request_item; yields a note of The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair

I've also tried the command:

sudo mysqlcheck --repair --databases identityiq -u identityiq -p

While it runs, it gives a bunch of notes of:

note : The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair

Is this command actually doing something to repair the issues? If not, is there a way to repair this and how?