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customise prompts in RSA Secure ID appliance

Question asked by Panagiotis Saragiotis on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by Piers Bowness

Dear all,

We are using the RSA Secure ID appliances to authenticate our users. The "server" we use is Pulse Secure Connect. We want to customize the prompts that the user receives. We followed the instructions at 000032586 - How to replace the default prompt strings used in RSA SecurID authentication with customized strings for RSA Authentication Manager 8.1  but the prompts the server receives and forwards to the user are not included in the files.

Example prompts are :"Please enter an additional token code to continue.", "The server requires that you enter an additional token code to verify that your credentials are valid. To continue, wait for the token code to change and then enter the new code in the SecurID Token Code field."

The prompts are actually very misleading as we are using ODA (SMS delivery) which means that the user has to wait for the SMS.