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Calling values from Account Templates within Workflows

Question asked by Craig Ramsay Employee on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2017 by Boris Lekumovich

I am currently working on a fulfillment workflow that detects when an account is being created and generates a mail to the user's manager letting them know the password. The password is a static value set in an Account Template and accounts are only created when a request is made for a user without an account to be granted an entitlement. My questions are:


1 - Is this available as a PublicData variable that can be called within the workflow?


2 - If so, what is the syntax used to call it?


The account template is called AD Account Template.


I currently have a SQL select node running before the generate e-mail node with the following command:


SELECT default_value as workflowpwdmail FROM T_AV_ACCOUNT_TEMPLATE_PARAM

WHERE name = 'Password' AND

Account_Template_Id = 1


Where the variable is type Job. This is then called within the body of the mail as ${jobUserData_WORKFLOWPWDMAIL}



This does work but it is querying internal tables, which we are trying to do less of.