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AFX session and response time

Question asked by Yogesh Mishra on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Yogesh Mishra

Hello all,


we have recently connected an application using AFX connectors. It is using REST api to create user and SSH AFX for roles provisioning. Both AFXs work fine in normal scenarios but some of the requests do not get fulfilled properly in bulk requests case. REST api connector gives " Read timed out" error while SSH AFX gives "401 Unauthorized" error. If we reset the requests then the requests get fulfilled properly.


So my question:

1. Is there any maximum session limit in AFX

2. If we test the capabilities, it takes hardly few seconds to get response so is there any recommendation for Timeout 30, 60 etc seconds

3. Does AFX session kill on its own or be alive till session Timeout

4. Any random delay to change fulfillment time of the requests to avoid connected resource unavailability