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What does T_AV_USER_TYPE_ATTR_REFS_BAD table stores ?

Question asked by Tushar Sutar on Oct 31, 2017

We are on 6.9.1 P24,


Output of below query returned,


Select Bytes/1024/1024/1024 Gb, Segment_Name From User_Segments where segment_type='TABLE' Order By
bytes/1024/1024/1024 desc;



and output of query,

select count(distinct run_id) from T_AV_USER_TYPE_ATTR_REFS_BAD; 



based on 6.9.1 P 25 release notes, there would be something changed regarding WP_USER_DATA (ACM-77437 I am not sure though) but I want to know what gets stored in T_AV_USER_TYPE_ATTR_REFS_BAD and can this be cleaned directly or with the help of RSA Support.