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winevent_nic 209,210 continued releases with faults for 2 weeks.

Discussion created by Vladimir Previn on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Vladimir Previn

2 weeks ago winevent_nic parser was released with a fault for parsing command line as per device parser content releases need more transparency  


I was hoping the content team have at least some of their 'things' together but alas:

1) on 1st Nov the content team has released (incl via live) v210 winevent_nic envision parser with the same fault (not parsing command line )

2) from Oct 16th to now - the faulty 209 parser has not been pulled from Live.

   this was reported to RSA as a case and escalated 17-18th


anyone subscribing to the parser directly - note cmdline parsing isn't working correctly. e.g. powershell/cscript for win7. 


needless to say we're delighted to see a complete lack of mmm....RSA having their things together with regards to the content release process vs logged defects for the parsers and testing .