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Bulk add Technical roles as entitlements to Business roles

Question asked by David Horwath on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by David Horwath

Ok, so I managed to add >1500 technical roles with a Role Collector into my Role set, with links to one action-resource-pairs for each technical role. So far so good.


Now I want to add those technical roles (on a 1-to-1 basis) to business roles as entitlements.

Meaning: BR1 will set TR1, BR2 will set TR2, etc...


The "suggest entitlements" do not work, because the technical roles do no have members yet, and most of the role memberships will be in the business roles anyway....



So I tried using the Role collector in various ways, but the application-ref does not work on Role sets (even though Role sets are considered being business sources)


Someone in the Community asked if there is a way to "add or remove an entitlement from a Roles, using web services". THAT could be a solution to this problem, but is there a undocumented "cmd" for that? Because if checing the available web service-commands there is not a single command to be used for administration of roles.


Of course I could be setting all of these resource-action pairs directly, or by using the 1500 technical roles, but all of these roles has very technical names, and was hoping to make the role names on the "Business level" more friendly.



(otherwise I would probably file a "Request For Enhancement" to make a webservice command for this)