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AFX Server is not running

Question asked by Devani Nagaratnam on Nov 8, 2017
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In our standalone test environment, AFX server is not running. It was working fine before, suddenly we saw that AFX server is stopped. Then we tried the below steps to bring the AFX server up. Even after doing all the steps, AFX server is not running.

1) Re-installed the AFX - Downloaded the server Archive and updated the installation.(Did this for several times)
2) We have updated the Server and Client Keystore
3) Restarted the AFX

After doing these steps, still the AFX server is not running.
Out of 3 components, MMC console is not runninng. In the Init log we can see the below error

2017-11-08 07:16:11.301 [ERROR] com.aveksa.afx.server.init.SubmitInitializationRequestComponent:79 -

*** Full exception stacktrace will not be logged again if connection error is encountered during retry attempt(s).
*** Please verify that your Aveksa Server is running and Host & Port in URL are correct.


Please find the attached log file for your reference. Please suggest the solution for this.


Product: RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle
Version: P02_HF02



Devani N