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Is it possible to add "Other business owners" to AD groups

Question asked by Danny Bissett on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Danny Bissett

We have application roles where we have specified "Other business owners" as users or roles. This is fine for application roles but we would also life to define "Other business owners" at an AD group level. The option to set owners appears to be only at Directory level for AD. All we have available at the moment is Backup owner but this option does not allow you to select roles which is predominantly what will be used. 


We also have a directory for Oracle which we would like to do the thing.


Approval workflows have been setup to send approval requests to application owners which is fine for some of our on boarded applications apart from the two described above.


Is there a way to enable\add this as applying owners at directory level is not suitable for our requirements?


See the two screenshots below:


This shows all that is available against individual Active Directory groups at the moment


This shows the options we would like to have available against each Active Directory group