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On-Demand Authentication: Enable Users

Question asked by Wesley Van Houten on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Edward Davis

What is the minimum permissions required to allow an administrator to bulk enable ODA on users.


If you go into the dashboard on a user and enable ODA from there everything works  when I go to 

Authentication -> On-Demand Authentication ->  Enable Users

Select the same test user or 10 user then click on "enable for ODA" I get:


System Internal Error     
There was a problem processing your request. Please contact your system administrator!


Current permissions

Administrative Task     Permissions
Manage On-Demand Authentication     Yes
Manage Users     Edit, View - need this one to make the check boxes appear
Trusted Users     View
Users: Enable/Disable/Unlock Accounts     Yes
Users: Reset Password     Yes
Users: Terminate Session     Yes
Users: User Attribute - Mobile Number     Modify