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Adding multiple destinations for logging in AM 8.1

Question asked by FRANK PAYNE on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by SG Tech

In the Security Console for Authentication Manager 8.1, you can specify a target destination for log data to be sent to. However, it appears that you can only specify a single host name or IP. Is there any way to add a second destination?


The section I'm referring to is in the Security Console under Setup >> System Settings >> Logging. Choose the instance and click Next. Under the Log Destination Data section, you have the option "Save to internal database and remote SysLog at the following hostname or IP address" (see attached screen shot) which allows you to enter a host name or IP but it doesn't look like you can add multiple entries. I've tried the obvious -- entering two IPs separated by commas, semicolons, etc. Can someone confirm that this is limited to a single target destination?


Version: AM 8.1 SP1 P03