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SoD rule error

Question asked by Zoltan Izsak on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Zoltan Izsak

Dear All,


A customer has applications where a user can have only one entitlement in a time. I have prepared a custom form with entitlement field (select only one entitlement) but also want to specify an SoD rule to handle administration errors. I figured a rule where all the entitlements (within the relevant application) are segregated from all other entitlements. Implemented the rule and faced the following error (note that on the screenshot there is even a more simple rule):



The error message in more readable format:

"The rule is invalid since the entitlement specification has 1 common entitlements between entitlement set 1 and 2. Please configure the entitlement specification again. Do not include the same entitlements in each entitlement set."


The error messages states that there is 1 common entitlement in the two entitlement sets but they were defined in order to not have the same entitlement.


Anybody can me explain what did I do wrong?